today’s “what i googled” tally

trifecta definition (one of those words i use and then immediately wonder if i’m using in the right context)

tungsten light bulbs

leader of zimbabwe (i was wracking my brain trying to remember mugabe’s name while making a mental list of wacky world leaders…the things we think about while making pbj’s)

evidence for longer school year helping or hindering students (result of obama’s speech today)

are mint and sage complementary herbs?  (not enough mint for dinner recipe and enough sage in the garden to start a business)

nikon d60 multiple exposures

children’s novels about pirates


2 thoughts on “today’s “what i googled” tally

  1. i listened to obama yesterday morning on the today show. it was the first time i’ve watched that show in years, but was kinda fun to tune in during a focused day. anyhow, i felt motivated to do service in our community to help kids…but…how!!! i’d volunteer at the high school or junior high, but the institution seems a bit closed to volunteers. and the kids seem lacking in motivation to stay. hmm.

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