stay down, girl

lenna is four months old.  my boys preferred lenna’s above position for upwards of 6ish months.  they were happy.  i was happy.  movement was kept to a minimum.  lenna has other ideas.

she thinks that it is necessary to pop up on all fours and giggle and then creep forward a bit.  i even caught one of the boys tempting her forward with a toy or two, though for now she moves primarily backwards.

little do they know that once she gets the motions down, their toys are fair game to her grabby fingers and drooly mouth.

to be truthful, it is kind of cute to see her get such a kick out of herself.  but she’s tiny, people, so to us it looks just a tad creepy.


7 thoughts on “stay down, girl

  1. Adeline did something similar- she was four months old and I left her in the living room on Coop’s birthday, and the next thing I knew she was in the kitchen! Freaky!

    1. i chalk it up to keeping up with the boys, too. elisha didn’t walk until 15 months and asher 13, so i’m hoping she doesn’t try to pull an early walker on me, too. i like late walkers. i kind of like late anything when it comes to babies (except figuring out the whole sleeping thing) – the small stage is sweet and doesn’t last too long.

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