brotherly discussions

morning ::

elisha – where do eggs come from?

asher – birds

elisha – where do little tiny eggs come from?

asher – little tiny birds

noon ::

elisha – let’s play “the lord’s supper.”

asher – ok.  i’ll get the bread.  (he goes to get the trivets that they pretend with)

elisha – thanks.

asher – do we need some powdered sugar with it?

elisha – sure!

night ::

elisha –  ok.  we need to start our meeting. what kind of sermon are you going to    do?

asher – a pink sermon

(thus continuing asher’s obsession with all things pink and both of their passion for “games pastor’s kids play.”)


6 thoughts on “brotherly discussions

  1. so is “Elisher” a composit of the two brothers ? just giving you a hard time. 🙂 I think powdered sugar is good on most things.
    the conversations around here are all pretend viking play, and “school” play. if they spent more time around dad’s work, we may have heard more reinactments of digging graves and straightening headstones around the house.

    1. ha! nice catch…and now fixed. yeah, when i take the time to write these things down, i do have to remember who said what. it can all get a little muddled.

      you should have them go tag along with chris for a week or so. you know, just to change up the pretend play for you 😉

  2. Cooper went through a season where he was always administering the Lord’s Supper to us by passing out the bread at dinner. He always insisted we eat it at the same time. 🙂 Your boys seem so big- like little men!

  3. Awesome. I remember playing communion as a kid. What’s not to love about crackers and concord grape juice eaten in tiny, regular installments in a hushed, serious environment? I think it totally creates a mystique about it when you’re a kid.

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