early mornings that are breezy and in the 70s.  coffee at the picnic table.

ficoco.  i always bypassed this for nutella but considering my life is nutella-less right now, i gave this a shot.  topped on a graham cracker it’s quite good.  my dad saw right through it, though, and without me even mentioning it as a nutella alternative he said, “it’s not as good as nutella, is it?”

babies.  babies who drool in the pool and wear cute sunhats.  babies who evidently haven’t made me look a day over 16.  a lady knocked on the door the other day and handed me fliers for some local politicians.  she asked me to give them to my parents when they got home.  ha!


6 thoughts on “delightful

  1. Give ’em to your PARENTS? wow! SUCH a compliment for a 30 year old. I’m jealous…totally jealous (and looking MUCH older these days thanks to sleepless nights!) 🙂

  2. i chose to take it as a compliment. like the time a few months ago when i was by myself at publix and got carded. the cute young cashier looked at my id and said, “whoah! i thought you were some cute college girl!” made my day…though i did find her “whoah!” exclamation a bit intense for being only 30.

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