tis the season

catalogs have been filling up the mailbox.  catalogs full of pumpkin decorations and blankets and fall fashions that make me break into a sweat just looking at them.  the idea of a scarf around my neck right now makes me want to faint.

so to keep the bitterness at bay i toss the catalogs into the trash and embrace the fact that while south florida has no fall, we do have our growing season.  in a couple of weeks we pick up our first csa box of veggies.  i still sing the praises of our csa in miami but they don’t deliver this far north, and while i have a few reservations about the one we joined, we’re giving it a go.  we’re also going to give our veggie pots another go.  herbs and peppers have been no problem for us.  tomatoes and carrots we’re a different story.

my bitterness would be even less of an issue if we had our own fruit trees but that just isn’t going to happen right now – a pool and a concrete deck make up our “yard.”  my parents recently moved down to florida (a mere 1.5 miles from our house!) and while their desire was for a house with responsible things like garages and storage space, my desire was for them to have fruit.  everyone is happy.  they have their garage, i now have pineapples and tangelos.  i’d be lying if i said i wasn’t just a tad disappointed they didn’t have mangoes and lychees, but it could have been worse.  they could have had papayas (gag).


6 thoughts on “tis the season

  1. Glad you’re getting your fruit fix. I used to hate papayas too — they kind of tasted like fish to me. Then I gave papaya a second chance one day. Turns out they’re delicious when they’ve just turned ripe, with lots of lime juice squeezed over. Maybe you’ll come around one day – but until then, enjoy the fruits of your parents’ garden.

  2. Boy, we miss your mom and dad! But how fun for them to have fruit trees! We had olives, dates and quamquats (sp??) in Israel. My parents have pears, peaches and apples. Someday, perhaps, we’ll have some fruit trees all our own, too. Oh, and blueberries- I’d love some blueberry bushes;) Hugs to all!

  3. Oh my…I totally agree on the papaya thing. But tangeloes and pineapples…yum! How wonderful that your parents’ move went well!

    Shall we start a “No fall in Florida” bitterness support group?

  4. kelly – this mama is lovin’ it, too 😉

    ellie – you have given me hope that maybe one day i’ll like them. is it gross if i tell you that i currently think they taste like…um…barf??

    maggie – hugs back to you! now come visit.

    alina – yes. we can go around planting fruit trees in all of our yards.

  5. Well, we’ve been consuming lots of fresh fruits and veggies via our CSA group in Coloado Springs, but the abundance has forced me to make way too many fruit desserts and smoothies this summer/fall (it feels like it up here). And that’s after the kids virtually gorge themselves daily on the harvest. What a way to enjoy God’s provision: yum!

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