at (almost) three

on phones ::  asher made a quick (pretend) call to the doctor’s office as we were getting ready to head out to his office this morning.

“hi dr. drummond, it’s asher.  we’re coming to get lenna a check-up.  would you please ask the nice ladies in your office to put on the movie cars?  it’s my favorite.  bye.”

those nice ladies evidently got his message.

on birthdays ::  i started telling asher that his birthday was coming up and was going to go into a whole bit about how he could have a special dinner and dessert and on and on.  the boy is way ahead of me.

“mama, i’d like spaghetti and meatballs (spaghetti said in a way that makes this mama smile and hope he always says it that way).  then i’d like a pink cake.  and a huge big truck with pink wheels.”

love it.


4 thoughts on “at (almost) three

  1. So great! 🙂 John loves strawberry icing, so we make a vanilla cake with strawberry icing in the middle and chocolate icing on the top and sides. (He’s 13 now, so we have to be careful around the neighborhood/church kids so they don’t associate pink with him… Kids can be ruthless.)

  2. so cute! tyler wants me to paint his room pink. i said, no, that’s okay, we’ll stick with the colors i picked out…sorry buddy! 🙂

  3. where will you find a truck with pink wheels? Somehow I’ll bring this into our lesson on Sunday. Did God make trucks with pink wheels?

  4. sheila – thank you!!! i was wracking my brain trying to figure out how to make pink icing without gobs of food coloring. bless you.

    jennifer – asher would be way jealous if tyler’s dreams came true.

    carol – poor kid will have to be happy with black wheels.

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