world’s worst muffin

it all started with a google search to find a recipe for a muffin with cranberries and ginger and coconut milk (and without butter, milk, buttermilk, etc.).  i found a recipe.  the addition of oats seemed like a good and healthy thing when i first looked at the recipe, and i’m usually one to cut the amount of sugar in recipes but even i thought the stated amount looked small.  and then there was the odd amount of baking soda.  but my desire for something cake-like while the kids napped was stronger than my desire to keep searching for a different recipe.

it would have been easier if they had been ugly but throwing them away was the only merciful option for our taste buds and stomachs.  they are actually deceivingly pretty little things.  omar even noted (before they’d been tasted) that they looked like something worthy of a picture.  so here it is.

the worst part is that the boys knew these were in the oven.  they’ll ask for them when they wake up.  and then i’ll tell them i threw them away.  “why?” will be the next question and then the kicker is that i’ll have to tell them i screwed them up.  they love knowing when we mess something up.  really love.  i like to think (hope?) that it is just because they are hitting an age where they actually realize mama and papi don’t do everything perfectly (understatement).

next, they will feel that it is their duty to tell everyone we come in contact with that, “my mama made muffins and messed them up!”  everyone.  and then they’ll give a little list of recent things we’ve screwed up.  like forgetting to put asher in a diaper during nap time thus proving to us all he is not completely potty trained yet.  or about the time that papi broke their tractor.  or the time i tripped one of them.  i could go on.  oh, wait!  i don’t need to go on because i made the world’s worst muffins and will have to tell them this so they’ll be able to keep the list going for me.   nice.


7 thoughts on “world’s worst muffin

  1. Wow. Can’t wait to get to the grace phase, I’m sure. Is there one? I don’t know. I still fight the urge to pull out my parents’ list of mistakes, though I don’t remember them ever tripping me. 😉 Sorry about your muffins.

  2. They were awful. I took one nibble and regretted it the second I did it. But now I have been craving something sweet all afternoon.

  3. we all have a list like that to a degree. HB is trying to be patient, as her half finished doll just sits at the dining room table, bald, noseless, hairless, topless…. but with a beautiful skirt. she told me recently that she didn’t like it when the doll just SAT there, b/c that meant I wasn’t working on her. today she asked if I was EVER going to work on it again…… yet every night, I think, I just can’t do just one more thing, maybe tomorrow……… and every night I’m just a little less of “the best mom in the world” 🙂 they remember the good stuff too, don’t worry, and sometimes the good stuff is comically mediocre and boring to us, but the BEST thing ever to little people.

    was that omar’s first comment EVER??? they must’ve been really bad. 🙂

  4. I think Omar has commented before. Let’s just say he has. And one muffin disaster is hardly enough to mark you forever. At least not in my mind…I’m thinking of the recipes that grace our menus, thanks to you!

    Sorry to hear your craving went unfulfilled. And as for the kids, the more aware they are of the needed grace, and the more you give it, the more they will dish it out. At least you won’t have the falling off a pedestal problem. 🙂

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