how i got a fussy girl yesterday

rewind to the day before

mindlessly throw together some cornbread

mindlessly dip finger into batter and lick away

dip some more

lick spatula

lick spatula some more

feel a wave of guilt and frustration at myself wash over me

cornbread batter consisted of not one but THREE dairy products





20-ish hours later – unhappy girl and sad mama

so she lived in the sling for much of yesterday.  and i felt bad for her and sad that i had to mindlessly eat something like cornbread batter.  seriously, if i had to slip up on my dairy-ban, why couldn’t it have been on good cheese or butter fried pancakes.


8 thoughts on “how i got a fussy girl yesterday

  1. Poor girl. Poor mama.
    We do the best we can with what we have, right? Even if what we have are forgetful minds. She looks pretty contented in that gorgeous sling snuggled up with her mommy. 🙂

    1. forgetful minds, indeed. i must have been truly out of it because there are only about six ingredients, half of which are dairy. weird!

      i love my slings and am trying to think of a good excuse to buy some more cool fabric to have another one on hand.

  2. Such big, beautiful eyes! Sorry to hear of the wasted dairy/irritated baby girl experience. Have you tried goat’s milk? I bought some goat’s milk butter (not cheap, but good!) and if you made goat’s milk/goat butter (and substitute lemon juice and water for the buttermilk) cornbread, I bet you’d all be happy. I’ve been pleasantly surprised! I even have a dairy-free biscuit recipe we all like…let me know if you want the recipe. Your dairy days will return and you will never regret loving that baby girl just the way she needs it…hang in there!

    1. i did try goat’s milk and am sad to say it didn’t work. very bummed! thanks for the encouragement – i’ve thought of you a lot during all of my dairy-free days and admire you for going the year without it

      1. Too bad…does she do coconut milk/oil? (Although if you hate the flavor of coconut you are out of luck..)

        I’ve been surprised by how many baked goods (muffins, cornbread, biscuits) can be made with a substitute of water and lemon juice in place of dairy (coconut oil for the fat). Now, for the foodie, you will definitely notice a difference in texture, etc. I’m not sure how discriminating my tastes are, but I still enjoy those foods minus the dairy. Worth a try…and I guess it all depends on how desperate you get! 😉

  3. is it just that she’s too young for cow’s milk or that she is especially sensitive to it?

    BTW, did you get my email with the classical school link? maybe i don’t have your email correct. i’m wondering ‘cuz it’s just possible at this point, as i am a bit scattered these days. 🙂

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