a new routine

we get up in the morning and do those morning things:  breakfast, “school” (i was hesitant to call it that because it is basically sitting and reading a few books together for all of 20 minutes but they love calling it school, even though i’m not sure they really know what school is.), swim lessons, and then the basket appears.

i love the basket.  the boys love the basket.  it holds jars of crayons, crayon rocks, and colored pencils.  there are stacks of paper, scissors, stickers, and watercolors.  and it stays on the table all day.

i was tired of fighting the “we want to color!” cries that happened throughout the day when i knew those sessions were only going to last for 7 minutes – tops.  simply the idea of having to find all the crayons, paper, pencils and haul them out only to put it all away in a few minutes made me exhausted.  now the basket stays and keeps things relatively contained.  it’s been fun to see them draw something for a bit, go off and play, then come back and add more to their pictures.  asher mainly scribbles and has a fascination with black.  elisha develops intricate stories to accompany his pictures.  and he insists that i stare at the picture during the entire telling of his stories.  his long, long stories.

and the daily, all-day art sessions have made me fall in love with my once despised laminate top on my dining table.  no freaking out at kid drawing on table top necessary.  just windex it.


5 thoughts on “a new routine

  1. Kate, I love the shots of Lenna’s little feet! I remember when Christy used to call it “Arts & Craps!” I’m leaving in the morning to go see her & the grandkids. Just missing your folks, as I think Bob said they were flying back today? We WILL come see all of you very soon!

  2. I love that the boys love “school” but don’t really know what it is. Also love the basket. We gave Lily crayons last week and let her “color”. All she did was make a bunch of dots and Adam asked her if she’s into pointillism. It was cute. 🙂

  3. ooo, fun basket idea. I should copy. 🙂 I hear the same crayon/coloring cry, followed by disinterest a few minutes later. we are totally in the stage where coloring is an adult-supervised activity still, but I just bought some washable crayons…yay!!

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