and so it begins

today marks day one of nine (!) days off for omar.

lazier mornings with extra coffee have been scheduled.

tomorrow we head to miami for a couple of days.  i miss that place.  more so than i ever thought i would.  we went down to south beach a few nights ago to meet up with friends, and as we neared the city omar took the hov lane that takes you up over the interstate giving you as dramatic a first glimpse of the skyline as you can achieve in flat florida.  even though that route adds a few miles to get to family, i’m now a firm believer that that is the only way to enter the city.  so if you are driving down that way and don’t have the required 2+ persons for the hov lane, be a rebel.

frazey ford has secured her place as the soundtrack for “vacation 2010.”  i’ve missed her voice.

a stack of maternity clothes waits to be made into something.  a quilt/blanket using the “rooster technique” perhaps?

dinners on the beach are on the agenda.

and just so we keep one foot back in the world of reality, we’ll start up a bit of school with the boys.  i’m trying to capitalize on elisha’s new found interest in letters and their sounds.


2 thoughts on “and so it begins

  1. there’s a fun little song we use with “my father’s world” for letters and the sounds they make. i could sing it to you over the web. haha.

    it’s pretty simple to explain. i can’t sing the alphabet any regular way now.

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