lenna and mama

i love this picture.  i have come to the realization that whoever in the house loves to snap the photos will be in precious few.  and that’s ok by me.  as long as i get a few good ones.  and “good” has become somewhat relative.  i love a wonderfully exposed and composed shot, but this is about as good as it will get right now in a house that i’m coming to realize has sub-par light most of the day and has toys strewn around in odd places.  like that yellow handle of a noisy rolling toy that gets stashed up there for my sanity.

elisha is learning how to take pictures right now. (and no, he didn’t take this one – that would have been amazing.  omar did the honors.)  he asks to take pictures about 10 times a day so selfishly, i’m teaching him so i can sneak into just a few more.


7 thoughts on “lenna and mama

  1. Beautiful! It is hard to get photos of the photographer of the family. I’m always glad when we think to do it, though. I’m sure this photo of you and Lenna will be one she cherishes when she’s older.

  2. Hi Kate–
    Just stumbled upon this address which I scribbled on a scrap of paper at GA and wondered, who the heck is that? …and…tis you! i love the picture, you are both beautiful and am enjoying your blogography 🙂

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