august accomplishments

we plucked a caterpillar off the jalapeno plant and decided to watch him grow.  i had visions of a beautiful butterfly, but i think he’s a waved sphinx moth.  eh.

i’ve gotten this boy to think fish oil is awesome.  each morning he asks for his “rum punch” (a mary poppins reference for the uninformed amongst you).

we put this girl in the pool for a cloudy evening swim the other night.  she loves it.

omar made a trio of popsicles:  mango, tamarind (sour!!), and guanabana.


7 thoughts on “august accomplishments

  1. you’ll have better luck with the caterpillars that love parsley and dill. in fact, chris grows dill JUST to attract the butterflies, and we take care of them, and they form the chrysalis on the branches and we get to watch them hatch into butterflies. The green horned dudes around here love to eat our tomato plants, and instead of cooperating, they burrow around into the dirt of our bug box and cocoon out of sight.

  2. Oh my goodness! Rum punch….Love me some Mary Poppins! She’s the coolest! That’s so great you give them fish oil!

  3. That caterpillar looks just like the tomato hornworm we caught at our house a few years ago. We, too, were going to try to watch it change into something, but we didn’t keep good enough care of it and it died. Which I didn’t feel too bad about because it was devouring my precious heirloom tomatoes. Good riddance! P.S. Great picture of your son!

  4. We found one of those caterpillars on our tomato plant and it effectively dashed our hopes of being productive gardeners this year. Luckily there’s a pretty sweet garden behind the fire station that Adam has access to. I need to email you.

    Christine, Kate is a champ in the cloth diaper dept. She changed my life. Take notes!

  5. Parallel lives, Kate. Just read this today and realized we’ve had caterpillar fever at the same time. Btw, I responded to your comment on my blog, and I hope you’ll be comforted by my own caterpillar shortcomings. 🙂

    Tamarind pops?…I’m all for something that Kelly calls Nature’s Sour Patch Kids.

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