my house smelled like italy

when we lived in italy, kinder eggs and baci were my top two contenders for favorite candy.  the kinder egg had the toy inside and the baci had a little message wrapped around the dark chocolate/hazelnut candy.  i even remember the first time i could read the messages by myself.  i know that you can find these candies all over the states now, but even so i get a little thrill when i see them on a grocery store shelf.

yesterday i tried to make nutella (the fifth ingredient in nutella is milk so for now it is on the verboten foods list), but it actually came out more like a melted baci spread (wouldn’t that make it something like baciella?…or does that sound a bit too much like a disease?).

gale gand has a recipe for chocolate hazelnut spread in her book Gale Gand’s Brunch! so i subbed dark chocolate for the milk chocolate and added a bit more powdered sugar.  as far as a texture comparison to nutella?  i like to say mine is a bit more rustic.  i’d be kidding myself if i didn’t say i love the industrially smooth nutella, but i have no idea how to accomplish that.  but baci candies are on the crunchy side so if i think of them, the rusticity doesn’t bother me so much.


5 thoughts on “my house smelled like italy

  1. You inspired me yet again! I’m putting toasted hazelnuts on our Fresh Market food list (a very short list indeed). We now have the Blendtec so we can make any sauce, cream, batters (not to mention veggie and juice drinks, ice cream, mill flour – don’t even get me started).

  2. whenever i had a friend going to epcot, i’d give them money to buy baci for me. for so long, it was the only place that had them. i still have to buy one for all the girls in our group when we go to the food and wine fest now.
    and i always try to read the french first.

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