a gift of compote

it was our sixth anniversary on saturday.  the traditional sixth year anniversary gift is candy, but in this household, the sixth anniversary will always be known as the year of the compote.  who needs more candy?

but compote.  everyone needs the compotes that omar made this weekend.  blueberry compote with lemon zest and nutmeg and cinnamon!  peach blackberry compote with orange zest and spices!  beautiful.  and it’s a fantastic way to use up the random 1/4 full bags of frozen fruit hiding out in the freezer.  the recipes are from deborah madison’s seasonal fruit desserts.  love this book.

we’re trying to keep the 6th-9th anniversaries low-key and then go on a trip for the 10th.  i told omar our 11th anniversary is sure to be a let down.  the next few will be filled with anticipation.  the 10th will be the trip and then the 11th?  well, it’s the year of the steel.  thrilling.  and there will surely not be another big trip that year.

we have no idea where that little envelope of money that is building up will take us.  but we do have a few requirements –  it has to be somewhere i can wear a sweater (the trip doesn’t actually have to take place on our anniversary), it has to be in the same time zone as the kiddos (who wants to spend a bunch of time adjusting to a time change and being in an airplane?), and we will stay in a hotel and not with friends if there happen to be friends in the same town.  we’re all about crashing on a sleeper sofa but i think the 10th anniversary is acceptable for a splurge.


5 thoughts on “a gift of compote

  1. i vote canada….oh wait. that is what i want for my 10th which we have not been saving for since we got the minivan last summer… i guess i am driving my 10th anniversary 🙂

  2. danielle – that place looks great. i just realized my post made it sound like our kiddos would be coming…not so much. does it sound too harsh if i say i want to stay in the same time zone so my time getting away from them (and coming back to them 😉 ) will be shorter and take less adjustment? i think our tenth should qualify us for a non-kid vacation. but i poked around the site and it looks like a great family vacation spot.

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