like a goat

i can now knock out a butter-less roux and am getting pretty good at glancing at a recipe and deciding whether or not subbing something non-dairy for the milk or butter will make it tasty or disastrous.

and then there is just a whole lot of non-dairy cooking going on.  which isn’t a bad thing considering we’re smack in the middle of summer and who wants heavy butter stuff anyway?  (though come thanksgiving and christmas i’ll likely be crying like a baby while staring at all the glorious butter-filled cakes and cookies i can’t have.)

smitten kitchen’s thai-style chicken legs and mango slaw with cashews and mint were winners and not an ounce of dairy in the recipes.  as was a rosemary balsamic bean dish we’ve grown to love.  and omar made an olive oil-orange chiffon cake from deborah madison’s seasonal fruit desserts that was probably one of the best cakes i’ve ever had…seriously. (and lucky you, i found the recipe online.)

but things like scones and muffins still elude me and i miss those.  so last night i picked up some goat’s milk to see if i could sub it for milk in a few recipes.  many babies who are bothered by cow’s milk aren’t affected by goat’s or sheep’s milk.  i drank some this morning so check back with me tonight to see if lenna’s crying in pain and i’m crying in guilt.  i’m a huge goat cheese fan but something about the goat’s milk gives me pause.  the aftertaste is a bit funky and reminiscent of a barn.  i’ve got some ripe bananas on the counter but am afraid i’ll end up with goat bread if i try my hand at a banana bread recipe.  i’ll let you know.


6 thoughts on “like a goat

  1. That cake looks fantastic, but um, what is orange flower water? I assume water pressed from flowers of orange trees, but where does one find it?

    I’ve been meaning to make that SK recipe, so I’m glad to see it was a winner!

    1. it’s a distilled water from bitter-orange blossoms and it is potent stuff. we subbed triple sec.

      which sk recipe?? if it is the chicken, take care not to burn it. i read that there were some burn issues in the comments and sure enough, our grill charred the heck out of the skin. but it was still wonderful.

  2. Do you buy the Meyenburg Farm goat milk in the dairy section? I didn’t notice that having much of an aftertaste although raw goat’s milk definitely had that tang. 😦 I still use goat’s milk in all my muffin recipes. You might be able to do a scone with coconut oil that has been chilled in place of butter, and goat’s milk. I’m sure this season is testing your culinary creativity but it sounds like you are succeeding!

    1. the goat’s milk is out…so sad. she couldn’t handle it. crazy how it makes her like a completely different baby. but the two days with it were quite nice and i got some coconut/banana bread out of it 😉

  3. have you tried almond milk? it’s really a yummy sub for milk – i am pretty particular and beside its lack of protein, it does great in cereal and recipes. i’m not sure if you churn it you’ll get butter tho… 😉

    1. totally love almond milk! it’s my number one sub at the moment. omar and i are going to try almond milk panna cotta soon. we’ll see how that goes and i’ll let you know. i sure miss butter, though 😦

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