the boys thwart all of our attempts to sit down and read our own books while they “read” their own.  i’m quite adept at tuning out their wacky and constant commentary directed at their own book or toy, but these attempts usually last all of 7 minutes before omar or i give up and move on to something else that doesn’t make us a literal sitting target for endless poking, prodding, and questioning.

but i’m thinking they might just be ready for books on tape.  i think that could give us a solid 12 minutes, and i wouldn’t mind listening to a recording in the background.  again, i’m really good at the tune-out if need be.

thanks to abbie i came across a podcast put out by land of nod.  the amy krouse rosenthal episode features the author reading a couple of her books, including cookies:  bite-size life lessons, a favorite of my boys’.  her daughter provides that “ding” on the triangle so the kids know to turn the page.  i think my parents still have some old disney storybook tapes where tinkerbell provided the page-turn prompt…

the boys think it’s the coolest thing ever and now i’m on the hunt for more simple storybooks on tape/cd/podcast/what-have-you.

and it was just icing on the cake that rosenthal’s daughter also “played” her favorite music box and the song happened to be on my boys’ current mary poppins obsessed playlist – chim chim cher-ee.


6 thoughts on “ding

  1. Jackson loves the books on tape too! He gets the Highlights magazine for preschoolers every month called “High Five” (a birthday present from my parents) and now they have a free audio play on their website so kids can listen to the entire magazine cover to cover- complete with sound effects and the ever-important ding (although it’s more of a chime in this case) 🙂 Check it out! http://www.highlightshighfive.com/

  2. We were doing some books on cd, but our library has a limited number. Books on tape- that’s a different story. Hundreds! I ended up buying a tape player (!) at Goodwill just so we could take advantage of that resource. Never underestimate the power of a 12-minute break!

  3. my boys love little bear on tape… we also have green eggs and ham…. but little bear is the hit. we have listen to mrs. piggle wiggle in the car. hit & miss.

  4. brilliant! I had the disney RECORDS as a kid and remembered that tinkerbell chime.
    good idea about the tape player from goodwill…i will remember that.

  5. julie – thanks for the highlights tip. i loved that as a kid.

    brite – brilliant idea!

    kathy – i’m a little bear fan so i’ll check it out.

    kelly – now that i think about it, we also listened to audio books on our little white and orange record player. perhaps i could find one of those at goodwill…

  6. I remember those story records as a kid, too! Have you checked the children’s section of your local library? Ours has tons of books on cassette with the book included for them to page through.

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