hey, summer…

… i’m kind of liking you this year (gasp times 10)!!  it is indeed stinkin’ hot but when you have a pool it’s not so bad.  it keeps little boys happy and night swimming has to be one of my favorite things.  i also keep having flashbacks to this past winter when we visited my parents.  it wasn’t even that cold, but omar and i turned into weepy babies when our skin started cracking and i remember telling myself i wouldn’t complain so much when the temps hit 90.  just trying to keep my word.

and warm weather + pool + active boys = falling asleep really fast even if it is still light out.

and when it is still light out after they’re in bed, i don’t trip over little boy toys as easily.  specifically mr. potato head parts.  over the past few days i noticed that i kept coming across random arms and noses after bedtime in places that i thought we’re picked up only a few minutes before.  last night i figured it all out.  right before bed, elisha finds the eyes and tongue of mr. potato head and places them outside his door on the facing wall.  i watched him do this last night and as he trotted back to his bed he said, “i don’t like those things…”  fair enough.

5 thoughts on “hey, summer…

  1. yikes I’m jealous of that pool! night swimming! arg. I am soooo missing on some sweet parts of summer!

    so cute about the Mr. Potato Head parts!

  2. I can see how a pool would make all this heat more bearable! Matt’s been asking to get one of those large, adult-size blow up pools for our back yard. It makes my short list of things I swore I’d never have in my yard…but as the summer wears on, he’s wearing me down!

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