bathe and bake

from 4-6 pm lenna doesn’t think that there is much to be happy about.  her pouty face shows up in full force and sometimes there isn’t much we can do but let her cry.  unless we give her a bath.

when the boys were tiny, we didn’t have counter space where we could put the world’s largest (but hands-down best) baby tub so we wouldn’t break our backs kneeling down on the floor.

now we have the counter space to bathe a baby and bake cornbread at the same time.  i’m rather impressed with how long she likes to be in there.  and she hasn’t even discovered the thrills of splashing water yet.

neither boy was crazy about bath time at her age so it happened far less than i’d care to admit.  but baby girl thinks they’re wonderful.  the boys get a kick out of it, too, and elisha and i get some good and quiet chat time in.  the other night, while soaping up her arms, he told me he was glad he had a baby.  but that now i needed to get one for asher.  ha!  it made for a good segue into talking about adoption.


3 thoughts on “bathe and bake

  1. oh how much I love that photo…all your photos actually. You really know how to capture simple things beautifully.
    I’m taking notes:)

  2. oh my the boys had that too! My friends tol me it’s called the bewitching hour. They are finally over it though. I remember watching the clock thinking oh no it’s almost that time of day and sure enough every day the part of the day was sooo long and they were so unhappy.

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