she travels

she accompanied omar and me to nashville.

she told her brothers it would be more fun for them to hang in miami with the grandparents.

she has become a most excellent stroller sleeper.

she now loves wimbledon (but only in hd) thanks to the hotel room tv.

she thinks the more plane turbulence the better.

she kind of cramped my fun food travel eating style (trips are always better with butter).

she hated the speedy elevator at the hotel.

she’s now home and road weary.


3 thoughts on “she travels

  1. Hey Kate!

    Those pictures you took with the reversible lens look so cool! I have two more weeks in Houston and can’t wait to be back in Miami! It is going well here, just long days and long weeks 🙂 I’m glad that I will get to see more of you guys over the next few years and I am looking forward to getting to see you all again when I get back!

  2. ooh la! did you make it to GA? go to the concert @ ryman? some folks from our church went and told me it was fantastic.

    hope it was a good trip for you.

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