i finally got it

a smile captured with the camera.  pay no mind to the fact that her shirt sleeve is all nice and in focus while her face is a little…not.  and partially missing.  but at least i got something while making a fool of myself and holding the camera off to the side so she wouldn’t break into tears at the sight of the black mass.

even better

then it all started going down hill

quickly – time out for a little tummy filling

much better.  then a brother comes to do his loving and life is a bit uneasy again.


8 thoughts on “i finally got it

  1. I LOVE the shot of her crying! Something so lovely about that. I LOVE it when my boys cry like that: big open mouths, screnched up noses. SOOOO sweet and honest and just plain sad. I think my mama hormones go into overload when they cry like that.

    Seeing the picture of Lenna like that makes me want to scoop her up and squeeze her! Soo sweet.

  2. So adorable!! That first shot is great…she almost looks sneaky.

    And I agree with Robyn. I love the crying shot. So raw and genuine. I loved it when Karis cried like that as a baby. I know it makes me sound like a mean mom but I would sometimes even giggle for a nano second whenever she cried like that. Just too cute and tragic.

  3. Kate, Mandy was so afraid of cameras from about 3 months-4 years old. She’d see that black box & start to cry just like Lenna. We had to be sneaky to take her pictures. At six months, I posed her for a professional shot then got ready to catch her as she screamed & fell straight backwards off the table, as I knew she would do! We got the cutest picture, right before she cried. Tommy is the opposite at 4 months old!! She is adorable even crying!! Love you!

  4. oh man. those are great.

    one of my favorite close-ups of cora was after a diaper change (at around 11 months?) when she had just LOST it (oh the indignity of it all) and I had the presence of mind to take a picture of her wailing. hilarious and so sweet at the same time. any picture that manages to convey and evoke emotion is worth keeping. 🙂

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