nothing says happy father’s day like…

star wars pancake molds.  omar is the resident pancake maker and star wars fan (though he is trying to get the boys on his star wars loving side).  even i love these and think they’re hilarious.  i saw them awhile ago and it took a lot of will power not to tell omar about them but to wait and surprise him.  asher still doesn’t quite get that it is “yoda” rather than “yogurt” but all in due time.


a quiet candlelight dinner.  one might think that a father’s day dinner should be celebrated with the kids that make a guy a father, but omar and i are still at the stage where getting through most days with three little kids feels like an accomplishment worthy of a high five and a beer.  so i thought it would be more relaxing to spend a meal without bouncing a fussy and sleepy lenna on our leg or telling the boys to please stop singing supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.  on the menu:  grilled rib eye steaks cooked according to this amazing method, green beans, and roasted potatoes all eaten in the light of eight candles because if you light all twenty it gets freakishly hot and bright.


4 thoughts on “nothing says happy father’s day like…

  1. I have to get those Star Wars molds for my boys!… and boy does that steak recipe look awesome! Everything I’ve made form her has been delicious.

  2. I just slapped myself a high five (Adam is at work) and I’m having a beer. One nap today = 5:30 bedtime. Awesome, but it made for a long afternoon.

    Those pancake molds are the bees’ knees!

  3. I hear you on the quiet dinner being great! We didn’t do that this year but Greg did get to watch soccer and golf with my dad while the ladies watched the boys. He would like those Star Wars pancakes. I’m enjoying catching up on your life these days…especially the newborn photos!

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