adventures in non-dairy eating

and while it’s really not all that exciting, if one has to go dairy-free this is the age to do it.  the internet has given me lots of ideas and the freezer section is now full of non-dairy treats that don’t all have to do with something related to tofu.  i stood in the whole foods freezer section in wide-eyed wonder as i realized that this lenna-imposed semi-vegan state i’m in might just be all right.  who wouldn’t want to eat passion fruit/mango coconut milk ice cream?  (ignore the fact that you almost have to get an extra job to pay for the stuff.)  as for an actual milk/liquid substitution, almond breeze wins, hands down.  and for quick “must have something sweet now!” moments, lindt 70% dark chocolate has not a trace of dairy.

lenna’s sensitivity is so great that i’ve cut out anything that has a milk product in the ingredient list.  so needless to say baking has pretty much taken a hiatus in this house. which isn’t all bad because the inferno that is south florida isn’t exactly friendly to 400 degree ovens.  and there have been a few non-dairy baking busts that don’t really do anything to encourage me.  apple crisp made with coconut oil instead of butter?  um…oily.  and i love coconut oil, just not when it’s swimming around with my oats and apples.

still, there is quite a bit of coconut consumption in the house.  coconut milk ice cream.  coconut yogurt.  coconut macaroon pancakes.  i found the pancake recipe on heidi swanson’s 101 cookbooks, and she came up with another winner here (though i did add a tad too much salt…).  whereas over the past few weekends i watched the boys cook up and gobble down stacks of pancakes while i poached yet. another. egg.  this weekend we each had our separate stations and i got to sit down with my own stack.  i think i’ll still make them once i’m back in dairy world, but they’ll become more of a once-in-a-while treat as i’m never one to turn down a pancake that’s practically fried in butter.

4 thoughts on “adventures in non-dairy eating

  1. I’m glad that you’re making dairy-free work. I don’t know if I could give up cheese. Maybe for a while. Also, I’m guessing I shouldn’t admit this but I’ve never had coconut milk, and coconuts aren’t exactly on my list of foods I love. Maybe I should give it a shot? You are quite convincing here, Kate.

  2. Oh, the two stacks of pancakes (or waffles). My patient husband did that for me every Saturday. And hopefully Lenna will grow out of her sensitivity, but mine didn’t so we still make two stacks: one for us and a small batch for Thomas. Eating dairy free for a year taught me how to cook for him, so at least it served several purposes! Should we expect you to open an Etsy shop soon to support your coconut habit?? 🙂

  3. I went dairy-free for about three weeks to see if it was what was bothering my babe (thankfully, it was not). Hats off to you; it is so difficult to avoid!

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