lenna days

she now has a curl that pops up on her head making her quite the kewpie doll.  she gives us lots of crooked smiles that often get her so excited tears are soon to follow.  none of these smiles have been caught on camera.  as soon as the black hulk of a camera pops into her line of sight, she furrows her brow and looks a little scared.  her cooing is on the husky side, which i kind of like.  i love dressing her in blue right now because it makes me think for a few moments that her eyes will indeed stay blue…i know better.  and does lenna love to sleep.  loves.  around 6:30/7pm she starts to fidget and fuss and yawn, and we’ve learned this is her code for “put me in bed, people!”  so we do.  and sleep she does.


4 thoughts on “lenna days

  1. holy moly, that is definitely omar’s kid.

    and I love the blue. what size is she wearing these days? I have a little something for her, and now realize it may need to be replaced by something larger. 🙂 …due to my incapacity to ever get to the post office.

  2. I like the category “growing”. Indeed, she is. I’m glad she’s a little sleepyhead. It’s good for mama to rest. 🙂 Btw, I got my hot little hands on Mission of Motherhood today.

    1. robyn – he does remind me of a kewpie doll! we had three little ceramic kewpie doll figurines growing up and now that i think about it, they even had red hair like isaac. cute!

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