kitchen revelations

dinner revelation ::  asher looked down at his empty dinner plate the other night and loudly exclaimed with genuine surprise, “whoah! dude, i finished all my chicken!!!!!”

gadget revelation :: i realized the other day that my favorite kitchen tools/gadgets are of the more humble variety.

1 – our st. luke’s episcopalian ruler.  go be a visitor and you, too, will get a ruler that will last you through years of dumplings and tart crusts.

2 – a cherry/olive pitter.  brilliant for pits and brilliant for keeping 4 yr olds occupied.

3 – a salt pig.  funny name but we love it.

egg revelation ::  i am starting to believe that poached eggs are the only way to go.  would you really choose scrambled over poached if given the option??


7 thoughts on “kitchen revelations

  1. Our cherry/olive pitter is our kitchen friend, too. So inexpensive for such a long-lasting and well-used item. And loving that cherries are in season. Mmmmm.
    We didn’t have a dinner revelation so much as a dinner question this week: Owen asked me while looking at his dinner suspiciously, “Dis a lizard, Mommy???”

  2. ooh! a salt pig – i love it! i’ll tell mom that the ‘salt pig’ is the next kitchen item we need 🙂

    egg poaching? i’ve never poached an egg before. it sounds interesting though 🙂

  3. I’ve seen salt pigs before but never knew much about them. We’ve wanted an open salt container for kosher salt…going to look into this!

    Have you tried soft boiled eggs? Though I don’t want to get into an egg war, I will say soft boiled meets my cooked-whites-runny-yolks needs without the hassle of poached. Then again, if I poached more often maybe the “hassle” would give way to expertise…which it sounds like it has for you. Maybe I’m just jealous of your poaching super powers…. 🙂

  4. there has been an awful lot of “whoa dude-ing” around here….. and it’s weird as we’re not a “whoe dude” kind of a crowd…. must be in the water or something

    when does lenna turn 2 months i’d like to know??

  5. katy – go test your poaching skills. they’re that good.

    alina – i grew up on soft boiled and still love them. i almost put an exception clause to the above statement. and would you believe that omar’s wedding gift to me was a set of egg cups for soft boiled eggs? i think he was a bit unsure about such a gift but i assured him that i was in love with them.

    gem – all four kiddos dude-ing or just crazy boy number 4?

    2 months on the fourth of july. i’ll tell her the fireworks are for her.

  6. everyone BUT crazy #4……. he’s too busy saying “no, no, no!!” & “mine!!

    while everyone else at vbs was learning about Jesus, crazy # 4 was boosting his vocab by just 2 words…. “no” & “mine”…… I’m so pleased. 🙂

    the fireworks will be for mommy… celebrating her first dollop of cream in her coffee???? hoping!

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