daily june

june morning ::

june afternoon ::

june evening ::


7 thoughts on “daily june

  1. such great shots -I really love the colors in the last two. amazing how a few (beautiful) pictures can sum up a day so well. they’re all so clean and simple yet tell SO much about you!

  2. Hi Kate- just discovered your blog recently and am absolutely LOVING it!! Can relate to so much and appreciate all the links, etc. Just picked up a few books at the library (real food, feeding the whole family, and keeping house). So far loving them! Thanks for the excellent recommendations and your thoughtful posts/pics…they are a little bright spot in my day! Hope all is well with your family. Congrats on your baby girl…how precious. Wish we were closer and could get together for coffee (tea for me) 🙂 All the best to you guys!!!!


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