morning lenna

little miss bobble head is making it increasingly difficult to catch an unfuzzy picture.  here you can see her push-up skills.  she’s taken to flipping over and then crying passionately to let us know she can’t flip back over.  hints of smiles are emerging and i’ll bet you anything she bestows the honor on elisha.  he sits calmly next to her and even read her a story yesterday.  asher frustrates her too much.  he gives her “head hugs” that look strikingly similar to head butts.  today they serenaded her with mary poppins show tunes.  and every time george banks (the dad in mary poppins) sang, elisha would excitedly tell her, “oh!  it’s george, it’s george!  he’s my favorite!”  seriously, kiddo?  fussy, stuffy george banks is your favorite mary poppins character??


7 thoughts on “morning lenna

  1. Lenna is so beautiful….just like her Mommy. I am so happy God gave you a little girl this time! I hadn’t been on your blog for a while but enjoyed reading this morning. Can’t wait to see you again Katie.

  2. Hey, those are the extent of my push-up skills as well!

    P.S. I saw the world’s largest possum crossing your street last night. Thought it was a big cat. Ick.

  3. sweetpea’s first smiles and laughs went to her middle brother. i’m with you….i thought it would be the oldest brother who adored her with gentle hugs and kisses….. and while the affection of her middle brother looks more like wrestling or torture…. it is that “torture” which causes the most laughter… and turns very quickly to frustration, annoyance, and screams. ah… siblings.

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