things to fill an almost summer holiday weekend

citrus-ade.  we’re into this around here.  it started when we wanted limeade but didn’t have enough limes.  then it turned into lime/lemonade.  and then we didn’t have enough lemons.  enter oranges.

clickety-click.  a little web browsing.  check out this site omar found awhile back that shows pictures of old american train stations that were demolished to accommodate…um…uglier train stations?  and some vacant lots.  then i read the recent sweet juniper! entry that talks about detroit’s grocery situation (really, you should read it.  it’s quite interesting).  and in the article he mentions and shows a picture of the abandoned michigan central station.  all 18 stories of it.  beautiful.  here is his flickr set documenting the state inside the station.  sad, eerie, and beautiful.

more browsing.  omar told me that the last thing we need in this house is more chairs.  he’s right.  but i love the new era chairs from dwr.  one day i’ll win a shopping spree here…

pretending.  the boys are rocking the pretend world.  pretend grocery trips.  pretend hair cuts.  pretend communion reenactments.

grilling.  bobby flay fish tacos, anybody?  and i didn’t miss the sour cream and cheese too much.

kite flying.  who knew that $1 kites would be the hit of the picnic we were at on saturday?  and they actually flew quite well.

3 thoughts on “things to fill an almost summer holiday weekend

  1. oh my goodness-gracious! i looked at the pictures of the michigan central station and the pictures were absolutely gorgeous – in a very quiet way. i absolutely loved them; thanks for sharing! 🙂

  2. first off, we totally need to catch up! congrats on beautiful baby girl and hope you are doing well. think of you guys all the time.

    second, isn’t it ‘amazing’ where web browsing takes us (especially if we’re trying to procrastinate on, say, a major project! ha!). i’m referring to omar’s train station research, mentioned above. the discussion made me think of how seattle’s king street station is being rennoed. i don’t think you guys ever made it to the station on your visit here, as we had a car (although our quick drive-by of closed-for-august-holidays SALUMI (remember that?) is just a block away from said station.

    i’m sending you the link of the renno, with photos, because with a little research i found out the station is being restored back to its “railroad italianate” style (huh?). i never knew that yes, the station is actually styled after the Campanile di Piazza San Marco in Venice.

    the restoration process photos are pretty cool, but to appreciate the work that’s been done, you really had to have seen the horrible facade ceilings a la 1964. retched, dark and oppressive. anyway, here’s the link:

    let’s catch up!


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