what you can accomplish with a sling

poach an egg

cover lenna in bread crumbs while eating toast

do a little “step in time” with the boys (yes, i caved to the mary poppins soundtrack)

clean a toilet or three (granted, this was a bit awkward)

vacuum and watch the girl fade into sleep

wonder if i can count toting around 9+ pounds while cleaning as a workout…


8 thoughts on “what you can accomplish with a sling

  1. I’m so excited to practice my sling skills…with our baby GIRL !!!!! Yes, she showed us just what we wanted to know during our ultrasound this week. We’re so excited!!

  2. maggie – woo hoo! omar and i had a funny conversation over dinner trying to remember the order of your kiddos. i think we got it: girl boy boy girl boy boy girl. you’re so orderly with your babies πŸ˜‰

    lindsay – yeah, elisha used to have to be carried while we vacuumed. which is kind of weird considering you’d think his fear would make him want to run and hide…

    caron – go poach thee an egg! seriously, so easy. we used alton brown’s “recipe” and i’ve also played around with thomas keller’s from ad hoc. basically, bring an inch of water to a simmer in a saucepan with two teaspoons of vinegar and a teaspoon of salt. crack egg into little cup and add to simmering water. cover. turn off heat and let sit for 4 minutes and then remove with slotted spoon. so good!!

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