what you can accomplish during nap time

we’re on a rhythm around here of EVERYONE NAPPING AT THE SAME TIME.  and it’s beautiful.  granted lenna is still quite the newborn and lives to sleep so we’ll see how this continues in a few weeks and months.

the jalapenos in our garden made it into a jelly.  i found a recipe that used apples and cranberries for pectin so i was able to call off my search for liquid pectin (where does one find that stuff…).  supposedly, if you use apples and cranberries as your pectin source, you can get away with using a lot less sugar.  i was dreaming of eating the jelly on crackers slathered with cream cheese but oh, wait…that’s right…no. dairy. allowed.  we’ll see if tofutti cream cheese lives up to all the praise and glory it’s received on dairy-free blogs and message boards (not that i spend much of my time on those).

a couple of nap times ago i realized i had never transferred over the splendid table weekly newsletter from an old email account.  problem fixed and the first recipe i made from it in quite awhile was truly wonderful.  warm balsamic beans served over spinach.  seriously good and cheap.  i’d post a link to the recipe but it appears that they only post the most recent newsletter on their site.  i’ll tweak it a bit and then post it here sometime soon.

and sometimes during nap time i just stare at lenna.  and while staring at her the other day i started thinking about babies sleeping on their tummies (or not…).  when elisha was born i read up a ton on SIDS and sleeping on bellies and chemicals in mattresses.  several of the babies i had been around had flat heads and i thought it was curious that what our doctors told us to do could have such an adverse effect on a baby’s head shape.  i hadn’t done much in reading in the last couple of years but searched a bit today and found it interesting that none of the major health sites i looked at mentioned off-gassing from mattresses being one cause of SIDS.  mattresses are treated with chemicals so if you place your baby face down, they will breathe in gases.  a couple of years ago there was a news report about cats dying from off-gassing of new carpets.  some of the same chemicals that are used in mattresses.  interesting, no?  we researched both the type of mattress we bought and mattress wrapping and its statistics and then made our sleeping position decision.


4 thoughts on “what you can accomplish during nap time

  1. On the sleep thing….I never wanted kids with lopsided heads, but I didn’t want to worry about SIDS either. I put all 3 of my kids to sleep on their sides, with a towel or blanket rolled behind them. And I switched sides each sleep time so their heads didn’t get flat on one side! No lopsided heads, no SIDS, and not even bald patches out of their abundant hair (unless from sitting in the car seat).

  2. interesting…thanks for posting that info. where did you get a mattress wrap? can it double as a waterproof pad?

    BTW, LOVE your dandelion girl. 🙂

  3. ooh, that’s creepy about the fact that babies can breathe in gases from a bed :-/ mom told me that i used to always sleep on one side of myself when i was little and the hair that i grew on my head was shorter on the side i slept on 😛

    i love lenna’s little round belly! 🙂

  4. napping at the same time can last. from 3 days old my 3rd napped with me + my older 2. 🙂 yay for quiet naptimes. don’t forget to rest yourself!

    she is precious! i love seeing all the pictures. interesting about the gasses — our ped. told us that SIDS rates primarily had to do with income levels and attentivenesss — Sky would sleep 8 hours on her tummy, and 20 minutes on her back…..yeah. so that’s how we decided 😉

    you are amazing — never missing a beat on this blogging thing – even with a newborn!

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