she loves ny – i love dairy

but she’ll have to wait a bit before she can actually get there for another (out of my tummy) visit.

and i’ll have to wait for a bit before i can have anything dairy related.  lenna’s two day crying streak made me more than willing to give up cream and cheese and yogurt and cheese and milk and cheese.  but can i just tell you how lousy a vegan i would be?  über lousy.  i’ve only been off it for two days and if you could just hear my inner monologue you would think my life has come to an end.  i watched a guy put cream in his coffee at panera.  we struck up a conversation, and i think i stared at his creamy brown coffee the whole time.  i walked away and tried to tell myself i liked my black, very black, coffee.

so abbie, thank you for your words of wisdom and i’ll try not to be too peeved at you that you added the words “gamma globulins” to my vocab.  but lenna thanks you wholeheartedly.


8 thoughts on “she loves ny – i love dairy

  1. taylor loved NY too….. but at the time was a little chubby roll of a girl baby. in pink! i’ll be sure not to talk home-made yogurt with you when I see you next :)….. was going to compare notes.

  2. Could you try soy latte or (cringe) non- dairy creamer?? They also make decent soy yogurts and cheeses. Beka is lactose intolerant so we’ve been making a similar journey. If you want more ideas, I can email you a Harvest friend’s address who has this down to a science.

  3. Aww, let’s try to be in NY at the same time next time. Please! I can’t stand that second pic. She’s so cute! And I must admit that I sometimes wish you were nearby to help me set everything straight because life is sometimes oh-so strange.

    Love is sent straight from the Crandall house to yours. And prayers that we can meet in real life some day. 🙂

  4. So sorry. Warren said I lusted after dairy during the 15 months I nursed. He also accused me of not fleeing temptation but setting my heart on it. 😉

    Your new friends will be: Goat milk- I can’t tell a difference in the taste. Use it to make cream sauces. Coconut oil. Goat cheeses are amazing (albeit expensive). You can make chocolate desserts using cocoa powder and coconut oil. Here’s a website that will help you eat some amazing foods without sacrificing taste:

  5. oh… so sad. boo hiss. I’m glad the crying stopped though… so relieving. 🙂

    and I’ll be impressed if you use gamma globulins as a scrabble word. I think those g’s are worth a lot.

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