a spoonful of sunday

on sunday elisha told us about how he learned the story of “ikea-us” who climbed the tree to see jesus.

on sunday asher’s language was a bit less than holy when he insisted upon saying “holy crap” when he was frustrated at something, and omar and i had to do our best not to bust out laughing and instead explain to him that that was not an acceptable phrase in our house.  (pay no mind to the fact that he learned the phrase in our house…)

on sunday i finally admitted to the fact that what i eat greatly affects little lenna’s tummy.  the first two never had such issues so i thought i was home free.  not so much.  baby girl spent the day trying to tell me that the bean soup and broccoli and perhaps the latté i drank (i’m still in a bit of denial on that one) didn’t agree with her.

on sunday i was feeling a bit run down so spent much of the day resting.  when omar sat down with the boys at the table for dinner he told them i wasn’t going to join them because i didn’t feel good.  “is she dying?” asked elisha.  ha!

on sunday i almost clicked the “buy album” button on itunes for the mary poppins (preferred movie of the moment) soundtrack but decided to wait.  i’m still preparing myself for what is surely to be a 24/7 request of a spoonful of sugar and chim chim cher-ee.


9 thoughts on “a spoonful of sunday

  1. Your photos are awesome! Seeing your new baby being held by your sons makes me really want to visit you. They are so, so sweet, and she is so beautiful.

  2. Elisha looks like a BOY. so wierd. I have him stuck in my head at the squishy 2-year-old phase.

    and the latte is, sadly, probably the culprit. there’s no good science for the beans and broccoli bothering her, but one of the gamma globulins in cows milk does get into your bloodstream (and therefore breastmilk) and cause considerable colic. I had 3 days of non-stop crying/colicky behavior when cora was a few weeks old and after a lot of research and a call to my pediatrician finally identified cow-milk as the most likely culprit. and then went more-or-less dairy-free for the next 6 months. sad, sad…

    and I’m glad you’re getting some rest. I can not imagine how you’re dealing with THREE. crazy.

  3. What a sweet picture! I hope you are managing well.

    Too bad on the upcoming latte boycott. I know how much you like it with whole milk too.

    As for the delayed Mary Poppins purchase, good for you. I wish I had thought it through before buying the Little Mermaid sound track when Maggy was a toddler. We can still sing those tunes 10 years later! It could have been worse–think Barney! Ugh!! On the upside, I thought to only listen to worship music CDs for a couple of years. Maggy still knows the words to most of those too.

  4. my youngest says “holy crap” and “frickin'” all the time. this is one of my thorns….argh! i did get him switched to “holy crepes!” which is a sad substitute, but i am desperate here. 🙂 i’m working on the “frickin’ thing but with three teenage siblings i don’t know if there’s any hope.

  5. Elisha has a great haircut…inspired me to get the clippers out for my guys.

    We are going through the Mary Poppins phase. We don’t have the soundtrack, but the movie was enough to hear the songs fairly often around here.

    So sorry about the milk thing. You have me deepest empathy! The silver lining: You’ll be back in your jeans sooner. 🙂

  6. never told you congratulations! what beautiful pictures. . what sweet and precious times.
    i hope you are feeling better and life is getting back to normal.
    so glad i can read and get to know you through your blog!

  7. okay, this is first a bit off subject for a sec, but those pictures of little lenna are absolutely precious! 🙂

    OKAY, i laughed when i read about asher’s new phrase 😉 and at least elisha was concerned for your well being when he asked if you were dying 😀 that was a riot…

  8. i am loving all the sweet pictures! thanks for taking the time to post/blog at all!
    i’ll say “good call” on the soundtrack – wish i’d been so warned when i opened those nefarious free cds from chic-fil-a…all is hear is, “mama, watch veggie tales?” every time we get in the car. and i have to explain that we don’t actually watch vt in the car, we listen…”mama, watch veggie tales?” shoot me now!

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