day 8

don’t worry.  one day soon i’ll return to taking pictures of things other than my children.  but for now…

yesterday morning i checked the time and it was exactly 6:38am.  lenna was a week old.  so i kissed her head and did a little shudder as i remembered the…um…uncomfortableness??…of the week before and the gruff nurse who insisted upon calling me the wrong name while i was in the throes of labor.  and i find it a bit humorous that in the midst of the pain i still had the presence of mind to keep correcting her.

our house is definitely louder and busier than it was with both elisha’s and asher’s births but life just seems so much more peaceful during this transition.  trust me, there are still wailing babies and fussy toddlers and stubborn four year olds, but i think omar and i feel so much more relaxed this time around.  we know what works for us.  but to add to that, if “what works for us” starts not working with baby 3, then we’ll adjust.

i know i’ve mentioned sally clarkson‘s book the mission of motherhood several times but i’ve been rereading it and i’m struck over and over by her enjoyment of her children.  i love my kids and am beyond thankful for them but i can all too easily get bogged down in cleaning up their messes or mediating arguments or correcting them when they slip up that purposefully enjoying them can often seem like an afterthought.  i’ve been praying that the tiredness that comes along with a newborn doesn’t distract me from enjoying her and that the tiredness that comes along with having three kiddos doesn’t lead to shorter tempers and frustration.

thankfully, eight days in things are going quite well.  i’m loving her smallness and dramatic cries and her amazing sleeping abilities.


6 thoughts on “day 8

  1. Wow… she’s beautiful! And I completely love little eyelid stork bites too (my Gavin has one as well). So glad you stopped by to say hello. It’s very nice to see other mamas in a similar season.

    I may have to snag a copy of of Sally Clarkson’s book. Sometimes (okay.. lately!) the messes have been overwhelming to me… need to sit back and enjoy the ride a bit more.

    Beautiful pictures!

  2. She is so beautiful! I guess I need to get that book. 🙂 I feel like I’ve enjoyed each successive baby more than the last. The relaxation factor is huge! So glad you are taking it all in and treasuring this time.

  3. Great pics!!! We are so happy for y’all! Lenna is beautiful! We miss y’all and would love to see y’all sometime. I’ve been down in Tampa a couple of times this month and always think of how close (but far) away I am.

  4. I love it when authors don’t exaggerate. One of Katy’s dearest friends is Sally’s daughter Joy, so she’s witnessed it up close. Their whole family truly enjoys each other.

    I remember the first time that thought really struck me. About seven or eight years ago I was with all four kids at the park and talking to the older two as they circled me on their scooters. All of a sudden I thought, “I REALLY LIKE them.” I know many mothers who love and sacrifice for their kids, but not so many can say that they like them. I am truly blessed to love AND enjoy them.

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