mother’s day 2010 highlights

a snoopy mother’s day card picked out by asher


many many many lenna feedings

many many many diaper changes

asher “losing his lunch” after watching a lenna diaper change…nice

belated birthday cake from elisha’s celebration

pesto risotto dinner by omar

bottle of fransiscan cabernet…i love not being pregnant (wink)

ben and jerry’s ice cream cake – an ortiz mother’s day tradition

lenna dressed in pink butterflies


4 thoughts on “mother’s day 2010 highlights

  1. Don’t you love the newborn baby shoots? They just lay there and you fiddle with the camera, reposition them, and shoot. Fun! And red wine? Yes, please. 😉

  2. Hi, i’m a friend of Kathy Sweet’s and love your blog. I have a very very gently used CatBirdBaby MeiTei. You’re welcome to have it if you’d like. Free of charge, pass it along when you’re done. It’s a super cute fabric. Let me know, and congrats!!!

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