day one

right eye stork bite…very cute

the boys are beyond in love.  lenna has been jostled and patted and kissed.

three ladies


7 thoughts on “day one

  1. Hey Guys…
    Congratulations – what a cute big girl you guys made. I like the name – somewhat close to the name jen and I have settled on for our girl (whenever Jen gets pregnant again and if we get a girl – not trying yet btw). Kate you look great!
    – Ray

    Congratulations!!! We are SO excited for ALL of you! Everyone looks wonderful and very happy! Lenna is just adorable! Lots of love – Jen

  2. awwwwwww! SO happy she is here, that you guys are all happy and healthy. She is so dear– and, holy brown hair, batman! who knew? Can not wait to meet her, one of these days…

  3. Beautiful!!! Kate, what’s your secret to looking so well rested?! You surely don’t look like you just delivered that sweet girl!! Enjoy your time getting to know one another;$

  4. So sweet. Day one of a lifetime of kisses and thinking about how amazing it is to have a baby girl! 🙂 Thanks for the picture of the hair!!

  5. Not a stork bite on the right eye…just many angel kisses!
    Congratualtions to Elisha and Asher….they now have a real live ‘Lenna” to love on!
    Looking forward to meeting this little girl very soon.

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