may 1 – then and now

last year’s strawberry mascarpone tart

baking then ::  we had just moved up to my parents’ for the summer.  there was a lot of free time and a lot of baking to distract us from the ups and downs of searching for a job.

baking now ::  ha!  none, though perhaps i’ll muster up the energy to make lenna a birthday cake with the boys.


boys then ::  asher was on the verge of a verbal and hair explosion.  elisha was one week out from turning three.

boys now ::  asher has a head full of hair now and never stops talking.  never.  as i look at elisha on the verge of turning four next week, four seems so much more grown up than three.  he’s always asking questions about clouds and rain and he actually listens as i explain such things.  this time last year i never would have thought i would be ready to start looking into some homeschool curriculum.  but i think we’re going to try a little something this fall.


homeschooling then ::  last year i was doing a bit of Before Five in a Row.  i figured that as i started to seek out homeschooling curricula i’d gravitate towards a minimally structured approach.  i casually searched the internet and got a few catalogs that i briefly glanced at.

homeschooling now ::  i am now the first to admit that i want a more structured curriculum.  one that comes with lesson plans.  i know my strengths and weaknesses and desires, and i realize that, for me, there is great freedom in structure.  i by no means feel like i have to check every planned lesson off each day or stick solely to one style or curriculum, but i love that i don’t have to worry about planning for the next day and week and can focus planning time on outside activities.  i’m eating up all the homeschool curriculum review sites right now.  lots of great info and critiques out there.  but be warned – lots of horrible reviews, too.  seriously, what do i gain by reading your review that simply says, “i don’t like this.”??


lenna then ::  a mere twinkle in our eyes.

lenna now ::  a swirling, jumpy baby that refuses to come out of her cocoon.


3 thoughts on “may 1 – then and now

  1. Amazing the difference a year makes! Last year, we, too, were living with my parents. Cancer surgery loomed for my mom and a new baby- a twinkle only the Lord knew about;) Now, we’ve lived in our home for nine months, mom is doing well and cancer-free and I, too, have joined the swelling belly club! I do miss having you guys so close!!

  2. May 1, last year :: Finally met baby Lily!

    May 1, this year :: Birthday extravaganza and baby steps while holding on.

    What a difference a year makes, huh? Come out, baby Lenna!

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