9 days – 9 things to distract me

1.  taking the occasional peek at the cutie clothes hanging in the closet.

2.  forgoing the baby/parenting books of pregnancy one (any and all dr. sears and the admittedly horribly named (but helpful) secrets of the baby whisperer) for some economics (economics in one lesson) and malcolm gladwell (what the dog saw).

3.  hearing two people say they think it is cool asher is named after ashton kutcher and deciding to just bite my tongue instead of coming up with a smarty response.  but just to be clear – the name is asher, not ashton, and what??

4.  enlisting my mom and boys to clean up the phil&teds stroller i found for 24.99 at a thrift store with the hopes of making a mad profit.

5.  root beer floats

6.  trying not to wallow over the fact that we’re going on night 3 with a broken air conditioner.  i told omar that the uncomfortableness is almost enough to make me rethink my anti-inducing stance so i can check myself into the air conditioned heaven of the hospital.

7.  internet window shopping for post-pregnancy clothes.

8.  kidless date nights with omar.

9.  scouring craigslist and ebay for a good deal on a beco baby carrier…no luck.


6 thoughts on “9 days – 9 things to distract me

  1. I hope they help to distract, Kate! I love that dress. I saw it a while back in the store and thought it was adorable. And what a steal on the stroller. Love it! I regret not getting a cool, wooden high chair for $7 that I passed up over a year ago at a thrift store. Still regretting walking away.

    Thinking of you in these last few, hot days!

  2. No air for three nights!!! How yucky!!!! Does your pool work? I think I’d be in that thing as long as possible!! I’ll pray that air gets turned back on today or you are surprised by an early onset of labor;)

  3. You poor thing! Hang in there! Taking long walks in an air conditioned mall would keep you cool, let you window shop, and may help get labor started. 🙂

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