mama games ::  camera play.  alina let me know about the book understanding exposure by bryan peterson.  it’s been a fun book to read and work through.  he has such a great and clear way of explaining all things photography.  i’d love if my camera games could extend to some community classes being offered nearby but that will have to wait for now.

boy games ::  board games and puzzles.  this is a practice in sanctification for me and omar.  candyland.  hi ho cherry-o.  floor puzzles.  they could play them all. day.  we can handle them in about 7 minute increments.  it must have been like heaven for them the other night when omar sat down and played all of them (!) in one sitting with them.  and that is without stacking the candyland deck (which we have no issue with, by the way).


8 thoughts on “games

  1. I’m glad you’re enjoying the book. I think it’s no small feat on the author’s part to write a book on photography that can be described as both fun and clear. But I agree!

    I’ve been toying with the idea of joining a meet up group, getting together with other camera-eager peeps…or taking a community college class. Though I think experimenting with my camera and reading good books is just my speed right now.

  2. i was just thinking that i should sell some of our board games in a garage sale, but maybe i should just bring them over to your house instead! 🙂

  3. You wouldn’t be a real mom if you didn’t stack the deck. It was a sad day when our kids learned to really count and skipping ahead in Chutes and Ladders wasn’t an option anymore. 😦 Puzzles should be more interesting, but they are tedious to me, too. In a few years they will be old enough to play real games with you (or without you)!

  4. I just talked to your dad and I hear you will soon have your mom there to help. Praise God for mommy help!!! So glad that you’ll have her there while you await little L’s arrival;)

  5. to save you from future boredom, purchase one of all of the following board games:
    *TIER AUF TIER (animal upon animal…don’t worry…it’s an animal stacking game, not something dirty)
    *the old standby JENGA

    if our house burned down, the most $$ we’d get from insurance would be from this ridiculous collection of board games in our basement, so i’m only offering these suggestions as someone with a little experience with the zzz of hi-ho, monopoly, & UNO.

  6. we’ve been enjoying blokus around here recently…. but it’s for when the kids get a smidge older. i like that it’s a challenge for adult and child alike…. and fun. it was a good day when the kids learned to play games together well…. taking turns and all that good stuff.

  7. I’ve just posted Jake’s picture on for all the kids to see. of course, he’s at my favorite beach.

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