belly focused

i love how the camera just focused smack dab on the belly in this one.

asher and i don’t typically color coordinate our outfits.  and just so we’re clear, i’m not wearing sky blue crocs.  my size 11 feet in crocs would scare children.  and myself.

with each pregnancy omar prepares himself for the day, somewhere in the 37th week, where i crank up the drama a bit, shed a few tears, and for a few minutes insist that there is no possible way i can make it to the 41 week-ish mark.  luckily for him that emotional wave hit while out by myself.  browsing in the apron section in anthropologie.  then a strong contraction woke me out of my pitiful state and i realized it could be a bit embarrassing to start crying in public.

omar kindly agreed to go out for his birthday dinner this year.  i usually love to make a special dinner and dessert.  just not this year.  but it still feels odd not making something.  omar and i have been enjoying thomas keller’s new cookbook ad hoc, and while walking around williams-sonoma i saw that they have a line of ad hoc cake mixes.  perfect.  a jar of thomas keller frosting and his cake mix would take the no baking birthday guilt away from me, and i’m guessing it tastes better than a betty crocker mix (though i’m not one to turn my nose up at any boxed yellow cake).  a peek at the price tags, though, made me start mentally calculating all the homemade cakes i could bake for the 35 bucks i would have to shell out.  no deal.  what on earth could make those mixes cost 35 dollars??

3 thoughts on “belly focused

  1. umm, adorable belly. and just so we’re clear, my slight jealousy for the beautiful way tall people carry their babies just increased a bit. 🙂
    I look the same….at just 21 weeks!! the end weeks aren’t nearly as pretty here!

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