sweets ::
my boys are making out like bandits when it comes to profiting from my late-pregnancy cravings. i don’t think they are as much cravings, though, as they are sweet things that take my mind off of being uncomfortable. cookies have made their appearance around here more than normal. i took them out for root beer floats for a late afternoon treat yesterday and i think they almost bestowed a “mother of the year” award on me – they were beyond excited.

swings ::
we stopped off at the park the other day. the boys think it the coolest thing to watch mama swing really high. i wondered if perhaps i could tap into an unknown way to induce labor (nope). the passersby probably thought it was a strange site to see an 8+ months pregnant woman swing high into the sky.

sonograms and wacky doctors::
a quick ultrasound was needed yesterday and my girl, who never seems to cooperate with picture taking, decided to give us a peek at her chubby cheeks. sweet cheeks, a small little mouth (i think…), and eyes that blinked open and close a few times.

i’m amazed at how much you have to put your foot down against being induced these days. my doctor and i had a playful back-and-forth, but i think in the end he realized i think it is ridiculous to induce for most births. i feel especially for first time moms who are approached by doctors who make it sound like inducing is no big deal. they speak with such authority that it can make you forget that you can “just say no.” i even asked (again, playfully) if my doctor would actually come get me from my house to induce me, and he then started laughing and said he wouldn’t go that far…good to know.

i like what gina bria has to say about the young-child stage of parenting:

Identity is something you build relationship by relationship, not role by role. Families, especially at the young-children stage, are not the pause button pressed down on who you are and what you want to pursue. Yes, we may have to put off finishing that degree, taking the promotion that requires weekly travel, writing that screenplay, or finally learning French, but those things weren’t going to make you you anyway. Your relationships make you who you are, because they give you a chance to actually manifest yourself, and what you really believe in. We fill up what we do with who we are. What we do can never fill us up. pp 15-16

on the whole, i’m really enjoying her book the art of family: rituals, imagination, and everyday spirituality. she has some wonderful insights into enjoying and learning and growing with your kids.

4 thoughts on “midweek

  1. I just looked up “The Art of Family” on my library’s website, and the first hit is “Behind the Cleavage” by Raquel Welch. Huh. Not quite what I was looking for. Sounds like a good book. Where do you find out about these books?

  2. kate, i’m continually amazed by all you seem to get accomplished in any given day (even at 8+ months pregnant)! but, even more more than that, i’m constatly encouraged by your posts. thank you so much for sharing all that you do. i especially like the idea of you swinging on the swings and telling your doctor how it’s going to be — way to go!!! thanks as well for the quote from bria. such good words of wisdom. i’ll definitely put that on my ‘must-read’ list!

  3. lindsay – ha! seriously? i’ll admit that our library also has the worst search engine known to man. i’ve known about this book for years…don’t remember where from…and it always ended up on the hold shelf at the library. but i never seemed to get there in time. this time i was determined. believe it or not the amazon suggestions or “people who bought this book bought…” section are always helpful and i can quickly click and see if it is something i’m interested in. “books and culture” is another big one along with “mars hill audio” for book ideas. and then of course, other blogs. but i’ve noticed most people don’t blog about books they read. sad!

    jennifer – i feel as though i should clarify that each thing i mentioned happened on a separate day of the week and that many afternoons you’ll find me curled up on the bed with the boys and an episode of “curious george.” 😉 i need to see you before lenna comes!

  4. For great book suggestions, check out palmtreepundit.blogspot.com
    Anne Malone is a Navy wife, home-school mom, PCA, very Reformed. She has great book lists posted.

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