the sixth

one month from today is supposed to be the magical date where the stars align and lenna makes her appearance.  but my children have a tendency to thumb their little noses at the whole notion of a due date.  elisha was about one week late, asher a full on two weeks.

so this morning before i awkwardly tumbled out of bed, i prayed God would give me strength and grace with the boys.  that the next month wouldn’t be just a waiting time but that we’d enjoy living each day.  and after a couple of fairly intense days boy-wise, this one was quiet and sweet and had several of those moments that are vivid in my mind as i write this.  at the park this morning, the weather was perfect and windy.  the boys ran and ran and ran and played and played and played.  and chased ducks and squirrels.  asher kept crawling into my lap to give me a quick hug and kiss and a run-down on all the buses and trucks he was seeing.  later, books were read and train tracks were laid out and “meals” were made at their kitchen.

and now they are in their rooms for the night talking about the neighbor’s dog and what we are going to eat for breakfast (they are currently arguing over whether to use a fork or spoon for their desired oatmeal).


3 thoughts on “the sixth

  1. Some do arrive on their scheduled date…such as Jason, my first-born. Come to think of it, that should have been my first clue that he’d become an engineer…they are SO precise!

  2. May babies are the best. I hope little Lenna is rebellious and comes right around her due date. She needs to start holding her own around those boys, after all. 🙂

    PS. Cute toes.

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