he knows me well

oh, these last weeks.  i’ve got the waddle down, and even elisha said, “wow, baby lenna is growing!”  indeed.  omar wins some kind of award for coming home from work and putting up with mediocre dinners at best and more often than not a cold, dark kitchen.

and still he brings home tulips and iris and cheese.

i’ve been bringing home the last few things we need for baby girl’s arrival, including a ton of hand-me-down clothes from a friend who has one of the snazziest dressed baby girls in palm beach county, a stack of burp cloths, and lenna’s first official book, the four seasons of brambly hedge by jill barklem (a beautiful book series i heard about from abbie).

and speaking of books.  remember in my last post i said i don’t like picking out library books for the boys when the boys are actually with me because i end up picking out duds or not paying attention to the books the boys pick out?  i should heed my own words.  we run into the library yesterday and i let the boys quickly pick out a book.  asher’s radar directs him to all books truck related and while i wasn’t crazy about letting him take home the book i stink about a dump truck (the cover illustration turned me off and i should have gone with my gut), i relented.  if you’re looking for a crude book with pictures of dirty diapers and rotten food and bad writing, this is for you.  seriously, can anyone get a book published?


5 thoughts on “he knows me well

  1. boys. yep. they like those things. i know it’s very un-homeschoolerish of me – we are supposed to have twaddle-free standards in books – but i always let the kids take home whatever interests them (well, within some limits, i guess.) we must have had 4 straight years of Captain Underpants. *sigh*
    the good news is they also read good stuff. boy (17) is on Les Mis. and Plato right now….not too bad for a kid who practically memorized Capt. Underpants every adventure.
    i’m thrilled for you, though, that you will get a girl to bring some civilization to your household. (Lord, keep her from the Barbie princess books, please!)

    congrats on your new one coming!

  2. that brings back funny memories of my mom getting to the end of library books and saying, “well, THAT was a stupid book.” and us laughing because stupid was an off-limits word.

    so glad you’re getting close… I have a little package for you. hope you’re not too miserable… cheese does help, though.

  3. the ironic thing is that children’s book publishing is cut.throat. i think it’s more telling that we don’t think books about farts and diapers are cute…? it’s the only explanation as to why a publisher would choose a book like that when the field is so crowded. kinda depressing that our culture has gone to the poop so much…

    on the other hand, yeah for baby lenna. many prayers and blessings, guys.

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