what i do when all the boys leave for a few days in miami:

baby laundry – i forgot how the many snaps on baby clothes make dryer time noisy.  and my lint tray was pink.

cook nothing.

eat sliced meals – sliced strawberries, sliced italian sausage, sliced bread, sliced cheese.

eat ice cream – too much.

eat milano cookies – whole bag.  and when treating yourself to milanos, always always buy “double chocolate.”  it’s the variety with the most ounces per bag, thus you get more for your buck (i like to think that is being thrifty not weird…).

watch embarrassing amounts of television – including jane eyre, away we go (laughed quite hard during the maggie gyllenhaal scenes), and gilmore girls – season one.

visit friend’s newborn twin boys and realize that giving a baby a bottle with an 8 month pregnant belly is awkward.  but all worth it to walk away a few hours later smelling like new baby.

answer the little knocks on the door upon the boys’ return and hope that i’ll be smothered with kisses and hugs.  reality – they walk in the door and after a quick, “hey, mom” request a viewing of babe.  so i barter with them – give me hugs and kisses, i’ll give you babe.  win, win.


5 thoughts on “accomplished

  1. love the bartering part — too cute! so glad you got a little mother/daughter time the last few days. it’s important to start early! 🙂

  2. I’m totally with you on the sliced foods when alone deal. It feels so decadent and yet so simple. Why do it alone? I could never convince Matt that a plate of cold, sliced morsels of food constitutes a delicious, even fancy, meal. Never.

  3. Love that this is categorized as “mundane but not boring”.
    And thanks for the tip on the milanos. 🙂

  4. You are always so funny! Catching up on your blog; bookmarked it so this much time lapsed won’t happen again. Are you sure you guys can’t live up here…?

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