first day of spring

spring garland

spring baskets

spring treats

spring eggs

today marked the second…or is it the third?…year that we’ve celebrated spring by incorporating former easter activities into our first day of spring celebration.  it has helped make easter sunday just that much more christ-focused, less hectic, and less sugar-full.  not that today wasn’t incredibly christ-focused as omar and i had to keep reminding ourselves that our unusually fussy and demanding kiddos were making the festivities a really good example of the gospel – we do absolutely nothing to earn god’s gifts and grace and love.  and let’s just say the hoodlums’ erratic behavior should have only earned them a 2pm bedtime (wink).

but omar and i had a hectic week where we saw each other very little so we didn’t mind handling the craziness together.  he baked the boys their bug muffins.  i found some springtime pasta and served that for dinner.  the boys were quite intrigued with the egg coloring and our spring garland.  and grandma got them their first pez dispensers.

happy spring.

10 thoughts on “first day of spring

  1. This is such a wonderful idea. It never occurred to me to celebrate it this way but you’re right – it forces the sacredness of resurrection front and center on that blessed day.

  2. Pez. Seriously, does it get any better than that? It’s reassuring to me that you have energy for these types of celebrations, especially with all that baby growing. I don’t think I got off the couch during the third trimester, but I also didn’t have two little ones to tend to. You’re a superhero!

  3. robyn – the light was particularly good yesterday, but i don’t look forward to the oppressive florida heat that brings with it haze – not so good. though i must say living next to the ocean keeps haze to a minimum.

    gina – when i first heard about this idea from a friend, i thought she was a genius.

    lindsay – and to think the boys don’t even know yet that there are pez of all kinds out there. though omar and i did think it was weird that we got chocolate pez in the package along with lemon. um, yuck. thank you for a calling me a superhero (ha!) but truthfully, there is a lot of couch sitting, too.

    kelly – they are actually felt decorations i found on clearance at borders a couple of years ago (made by paperchase, but i couldn’t find anything similar when googled it) that i clipped onto a string with mini clothespins. one box had the sweet ornaments in the pictures with felt loops already attached. i also got a box of little felt rabbits that look similar but have no holes or strings to hang them by…still thinking of what to do with those.

  4. Such beautiful colors in these sets, Kate. I love, love the idea of celebrating spring and keeping Easter separate. Where did you find the awesome spring shaped noodles?

  5. thanks, alina. i found the pasta at “world market.” they have some great spring/easter decorations and treats. i think i might hit up their post-easter sales for next year’s celebration.

  6. love this idea. i am making “easter” treats for the girls school parties this week and completely torn – they even go to a presbyterian preschool….the expectation for easter treats has nothing to do with religion or spirituality – i’ll probably get death looks if i bring anything but easter bunny cupcakes.

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