in the past 24 hours

it finally dawned on me that i can get the boys to try almost anything at lunch time.  avocados at dinner?  nope.  avocados at lunch?  intriguing.  is it because of the possible tiredness??

i received an autographed cd of michael bolton’s newest album that reads, “to kate.  happy birthday.  love, michael bolton” from my dear brother-in-law who happened to be at a party at michael bolton’s house the other day.  true story.

i realized that peter mayle’s fiction is really good for a few eye rolls.  i really liked a year in provence and the following two books that tell of his life in france.  but his novels?  yikes.

i got to have a quick ultrasound and the tech and i noticed that lenna has a fair amount of hair for a 33 week baby.  have you ever seen a newborn that looks like it is wearing a wig?  i’m hoping that’s not her.  good thing i’m not scared of cutting my kids’ hair.

i found a bike for the day my kids grow out of tricycles.  my brother is at a loss for what type of bike to buy for my niece and nephew.  in his words, “i refuse to buy her a princess bike.”  i’m with him.  i remember my first real bike.  we lived in italy and it was white with a tan leather seat that my dad reminded me hinged in the middle so you could fold it.  a bit of web clicking and i found this australian kid’s bike.  so great and not a princess decal in site.


3 thoughts on “in the past 24 hours

  1. now that you say it about foods at lunch versus dinner, i realize you’re right!
    and i did see a baby that looked like it had an old lady’s wig on – a little creepy. her hair actually had BODY to it. i’m thinking a hat would have been a better option. although,that might have made it look like a guy w/ dreads wearing a knit cap over it.
    keep me in your prayers: potty training tomorrow. he’s ready and has been ready, i just haven’t been ready. i know as soon as he realizes it’s my idea, he’s going to fight it.

  2. I’ll have to remember to pull out the weird food a lunch. Never thought of that!

    We do hair at our house, and I wish someone had told me to cut it sooner! As it stands, I had already given him about 4 haircuts by the time he turned 1, but it wasn’t early enough!

    And when I was growing up, my dad bought me an old bike and I got to paint it and get a new seat…it solved the pretty princess bike problem! It was blue and silver and white and I loved it. 🙂

  3. Oh, a Michael Bolton signed CD…gotta love it! And you gotta love the relatives with good connections. My brother lives in NYC and says things like, “Hey, I ate lunch at a restaurant sitting next to Robert Dinero’s table” or “I just stumbled upon a movie set and talked with Julianne Moore.” Whatever, I say. I just finished putting Karis to bed and did a load of laundry and still had time to blog, so eat that. 🙂

    I love the link to the anthropologie-inspired spring tree. Saw something very similar in the latest PotterBarn kids mag and may totally have to try it!

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