international newsworthiness

in france ::  my friend, meredith, alerted me to this time magazine article about school lunches in france.  this made me remember seeing a french lunch menu on stephmodo‘s blog and thinking that i need to make myself a lunch menu like that.  the part of the time article that struck me the most was the last few sentences:

Public schools in France are overcrowded, rigid and hierarchical. And parents, who are never addressed by their first names, are strongly discouraged from entering school buildings, let alone the classrooms. I cannot tell you what my child learns, paints or builds on any given school day. But I do know that on Feb. 4, he ate hake in Basque sauce, mashed pumpkin, cracked rice, Edam cheese and organic fruits for lunch.


5 thoughts on “international newsworthiness

  1. How fun to get to peek in at her each week! 🙂

    We have a friend who is French and growing up in France his parents were forbidden from teaching him even the alphabet for fear of some students being ahead of others in school! So his parents taught him and all his siblings to play music and taught them letters that way…crazy!

  2. similar in japan, too. also, my friend said parents aren’t supposed to discipline their children. if they are having an issue with them at home, the parents are supposed to tell the teacher and they’ll deal with it.
    did you hear niko case on prairie home comp tonight? i was going to call you, but was driving and realized my phone was in my back pocket. so, hoping you heard it.
    also, posted pic of mercy’s dress a couple days ago.

  3. brite – fortunately it is just a once a month peek but it is quite cool. it was neat to see how much chubbier her cheeks got in just a month this past time.

    elizabeth – so strange about japan. i wonder how the parents deal with it?? i didn’t know about neko case being on last night! sorry i missed it. i’m waiting for her to come back to austin city limits so i can watch that on pbs online. and link away 😉

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