lens love

omar and kids treated me to my birthday/about-to-birth-a-child-day gift a little early.  i clicked on the lens and here is some evidence of my excitement and current belief that everything needs a picture taken of it.  fear not, i spared you from odd belly shots and pictures of our car dashboard.


6 thoughts on “lens love

  1. Yay, yay, yay! So fun. I love the top one…the cow print in the background is the best! By the way…the heat is totally on to purchase this lens. I was talking with one of Matt’s coworkers yesterday who wants me to do some of her wedding photography and she specifically asked if I have a wide angle lens. Man oh man…

    The 4D shot of Lenna is precious. Pretty amazing technology!

  2. alright, what’s the lens stats. my favorite is my f3.2/28-135mm w/ ImageStabilizer. one day i’d like to own a similar range with f1.2…..one day when i’m rolling in it 🙂 I loved that EXACT part of the article on France/food. it made me giggle!

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