the anticipation of meeting all my children has been both similar and different.  with all of them we wondered (are wondering) what in the world they would look like – omar and i look quite different.  with elisha we wondered what this whole parenting thing would be like for us – what does one really do with a baby?  with asher, elisha was still so little that i honestly don’t remember as much of my pregnancy with him – elisha still took a lot out of us at such a young age.  with lenna, the boys are a bit older (a relative term here) and they are actually anticipating her arrival along with us.  we talk about her size, baby habits, how she’ll cry, how she’ll nurse, how she’ll be toted around in a sling (one of my favorite parts of new baby-ness), all of it.  and they hug and kiss my belly like sweet brothers should.  elisha picks up her clothes and blankets and diapers and tells me, “but they’re so cute!”  i know.  and her wardrobe is swelling with sweet gifts and the occasional mama-purchase.  one of my favorite things for the new girl?  the pink diapers that arrived on our doorstep today.  love them.


8 thoughts on “pink

  1. I love the peek into the pink closet!
    By the way, if my hairdresser has anything to say about it, I am having a girl. You know how she knows?? She says skin problems (which she pointed out to me, not I to her!) meant I was having a girl.
    Good thing I like the way she cuts hair! 🙂

  2. i really didn’t think i’d want the girly stuff, but i just bought the bestest party dress for mercy’s first birthday (yes, not until june, but i couldn’t walk out of the store with it still hanging there) with polka dots two different shades of pink. it has a crinoline skirt (yep! that girly!) with black satin ribbon on the edge, a black satin sash, and tiny black polka dots mixed with the pink. it’s amazing! i absolutely cannot wait to see her in it! and i have not been able to put it away – it is still draped over the back of the kids’ rocker where i put things at night that need to go back to their room.

  3. kelly – ah, yes. random people pointing out skin problems. so wrong. but i don’t think my dedication to my hairdresser could be swayed even if she decided to comment on my weight 😉

    elizabeth – omar’s sister gave lenna a dress with a crinoline skirt and i love it. post pictures!

  4. planning on it for my next blog. speaking of posting pics – what kind of camera/lens do you have? trying to research d-slrs, but not sure i can afford one right now. thinking of selling my nikon film (b/ i can’t afford the film at this stage in our lives). just tired of our point and shoot right now.
    oh, scored a 67 on the millennial quiz- i counted my microscopic tattoo from egypt and the belly piercing that will likely NEVER see daylight again again…

  5. I remember posting on my blog about this very topic of pink before having Karis. I had been washing Karis’ clothes, and I took a picture of all the pink in my washer. I remember thinking how much our life was about to change just for the simple fact that so much pink was being inserted into it! So fun that you are savoring this pregnancy and that you can find “newness” the third time around.

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