baking, boys, barley

baking :: i’m a fan of madeleine cookies.  i love the name, the shape, the size, all of it.  but i’d never made them.  for a treat, the boys occasionally get a little package of the cookies from starbucks and i even love those.  i bought a madeleine pan months ago even though omar and i are generally ones to swear off one-trick-ponies in the kitchen gadget world.  today i made the honey almond madeleines from once upon a tart. they were good, but if i’m honest i think i like the starbucks ones more (!).  i like to think it is a parallel to my preferring margarine over butter the first few times i tried butter (weren’t most children of the 80s primarily raised on margarine?) – i just didn’t know what good was.  give me time.  next up are martha’s orange-cardamom madeleines.

boys :: elisha has taken politeness (well, depending on the time of day) to a whole new level thanks to the book cookies: bite-size life lessons.  he walks around quoting the book, “polite means – will you please pass the cookies?  thank you.” and on and on.  love this book.  and i hear there are sequels.  asher continues to take unintentional humor to a whole new level.  while folding clothes he pointed to omar’s boxers that have hula girls on them (was that too much info?…) and told me, “those are papi’s ladies.” indeed.

barley :: we’re risotto fans in this house but to eat it as often as we’d like would result in a much plumper ortiz family.  and i don’t need any help in that department right now.  enter barley.  i’ve heard about substituting different grains for arborio rice (we have tried short-grain brown rice in the past but i was looking to branch out of the rice department) so we tried a barley risotto.  i made a basic barley risotto recipe from deborah madison’s vegetarian cooking for everyone with parmesan, parsley, and lemon juice.  i give it 5 stars, omar would probably give it 3 – he thinks it’s too “toothy.”  i love it.


4 thoughts on “baking, boys, barley

  1. I’ll have to give the barley risotto a try. I’ve had some barley in a jar for a while with no tempting recipes in which to use it. I love that your boys fold laundry! 🙂

  2. lindsay – it was the biggest laugh i had all day.

    brite – ha! yeah, we start ’em young down here. they would love nothing more than me to dump the clean laundry on the bed and tell them to fold but then their work would probably give me a heart attack.

    you’d like the barley risotto, i think…

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