a blanket and a surreal smoothie

here it is.  it’s like one big french press cozy – but meant for baby cozying not coffee cozying.  i love these fabrics and had been wondering what to do with the rest.  this seemed like the perfect use.  the backing is some soft yellow flannel and there is no batting so it is a great florida-weight blanket.  i think i’ll soon have some more in the works.  anna maria horner recently posted some similar blankets on her blog made with her flannels and cotton voiles.  such beautiful fabrics.

and for a little tuesday humor – this morning asher was downing his smoothie and between gulps was trying to tell me something.  evidently i wasn’t giving him my full attention and a bit of sass started to come out of his mouth and appear on his face.  i wasn’t too happy about the sassy mouth but the faces, complete with pink smoothie mustache, kept bringing to mind salvador dalí so i ended up having a good laugh and asher got off a bit easy this time.


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