making things

first up – a pair booties for lenna knit in south florida-friendly cotton.  they are so small.  i always forget how small babies are when we meet them.

second up – a blanket for lenna.  i have all these random scraps of fabric so i figured i’d sew a few pieces together, back it with flannel and call it a semi-fancy receiving blanket.

next – faux greek yogurt.  i love greek yogurt but am not such a fan of greek yogurt prices.  my solution is a mesh strainer and a paper towel.  a couple of hours later – thick yogurt to be topped with…

granola.  this boy’s grubby fingers kept sneaking bits of coconut and apricots and oats.  i’m known around these parts for burning granola.  not today.  today i realized that if you toss aside your cookie sheets and use a big, heavy roasting pan, your chances of burning go way down.  and it only took me about 3 or so years of granola making to figure this out.


3 thoughts on “making things

  1. very productive! do you have a booties pattern that could point me in the right direction? I’ve had great success with knitting flat things. But that 3rd dimension is the kicker for me… The booties I’ve tried making really don’t fit a baby’s foot at all.

  2. You crafty mama! This makes me wish I had known Lily was a girl before she was born so that the blankets et al weren’t all green and generic. Perhaps a new girly blanket is in order (or for next year since it’s shaping up to get into the sixties by the end of the week).

    Yesterday I made granola from the Katie Did blog, which I saw on your sidebar. I haven’t eaten it yet, but it was really clumpy. Almost like I’d used butter. What recipe do you use?

  3. ellie – the pattern is from a debbie bliss baby book. i made a photocopy so will go back and see what book it is from. they’re flat and you sew up the seam. easy and they look like they will (hopefully) stay put on baby’s feet.

    lindsay – holy cow, that “katie did” recipe makes a lot of granola!! with all that flour and wheat germ i can see how it could be clumpy. i tried a wheat germ recipe once and couldn’t take how it made my kitchen smell like horse.

    my recipe is from heidi swanson’s book “super natural cooking” and seems to be the best one for us that i’ve found, so far. i’ll send the recipe to your email. it’s made with oats, sunflower seeds, chopped dried fruit, coconut oil, honey, shredded unsweetened coconut, zest of two oranges, oops…and nuts (whatever you like), which i just realized i forgot to add. oh well.

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